About Bill


Bill Wilson

This web site is an opportunity to view my work and learn a little more about me. I also share some of my techniques, where to obtain my work, and how to contact me. I will be updating the site as my work evolves.

If you have any questions or comments about my work I would be glad to personally reply to your e-mail (you can e-mail me by clicking here.)




If there was an artist statement from me it would relate to the gift of telling your own story with words or any other medium.

To share what is important in your life, what has changed, and the dark and light places you have been, is a great way to learn about each other.



I believe we all have more in common in our stories than we believe.


I truly am so grateful for my lifestyle as a potter! I live in a rural setting where the rhythm of the seasons, the wide open vistas and the ever-changing mountains are an inspiration as well as a playground for me.

I have been a professional potter for over 25 years. My style is constantly evolving. I love experimenting with all aspects of the procees. I must keep learning something new about
ceramics and/or myself. That’s just who I am.


pawprintA Note About My Paw Print

I put this paw-print on all my work as my mark. I used to call my business Paw-Print Pottery because I raced sled dogs back in the mid 1970’s. Now in the age of the internet I have discovered that there are two other Paw-Print Potterys, so here I am @ billwilsonpottery.com.